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We can make up axles depending on your needs, this includes braked and non braked, 1500kg or 1750kg.  Our Axles are made with 50x50x5mm RHS to fit our stubs. which are 39mm Dia. If you are just after the 50x50 Box then we can also supply you with this.
If you are interested in this product please contact us.


Trailer Brake Calipers:

The Transit aluminium caliper is our design and has been successfully marketed over the last three years.  We also produce a marine grade caliper installed with stainless steel fittings.  Both of these high quality products are manufactured on site using of our three CNC machines.

 The benefits over our competitors:

- Twin stainless pistons which give more braking force and even pad wear.

- Fixed mounted caliper. The other benefit of the caliper does not have to slide to compensate for pad wear like single piston calipers do. This means our caliper can be mounted solid to the axle which gives even better braking force. The other benefit from being solid mounted is the caliper can be mounted close to the trailer chassis without fear of it hitting when the pad wears. Also this caliper can be hard piped.

- This caliper can be used in left or right hand applications.

- Anodized hard wearing coating that looks great as well

- They will fit inside a 13" wheel. (depending on type)

 Calipers Pre Assembly:                                                               

Caliper Red Anodized:   

 Red Anodized FrontRed Anodised Top

Caliper Black Anodized (Marine): 

Black Anodized FrontBlack Anodized Top

 Caliper Plain Aluminum:.

Plain Aluminum FrontPlain Aluminum Top

  Marine Disk Brake Fitted:.

Axle Fitted with Mounting PlateRotor and Caliper Fitted