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1750kg Hub Set

The set includes:

 2 x 1750kg 45mm stub axles with washers, split pins and castle nuts.

2 x 1750kg Hubs with bearings, marine seals, bearing caps, studs and wheel nuts.

This set is made in New Zealand by us and is of very high quality.

Here is a list of wheel patterns we stock:

Falcon 5 stud (4.5" or 114.3mm)

Mini 4 stud (4" or 101.6mm)

Commodore 5 stud (120mm)

Holden HT 5 stud (4.25" or 107.95mm)

Holden HQ 5stud (4.75" or 120.65mm)

Cortina 4 stud (4.25" or 107.95mm)

Datsun 4 stud (4.5" or 114.3mm)

100mm Pcd 4 stud (100mm)

Subaru 5 stud (100mm)

We can also supply custom wheel patterns to suit whatever wheels you have as long as the Pcd is no larger than 134mm.

Not sure what your PCD is? Check out our PCD Guide

  • Shipping Weight: 15kgs