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1750kg Disc Brake Set (Anodized)

The set includes:

2 x 1750kg 45mm Brake stub axles with washers, split pins and castle nuts.

2 x 1750kg Disc hubs with bearings, marine seals, bearing caps, studs and wheel nuts.

2 x Aluminium twin stainless steel piston calipers with mounting bolts and spring washers. (Anodized Red)

2 x Brake hose kit with all fittings required. (Banjo type fitting)

This set is made in New Zealand by us and is of very high quality.

The aluminium caliper is our own design and has been on the market for over 3 years.

The benefits of our caliper compared to the compititon are:

- Twin stainless pistons which give more braking force and even pad wear.

- Fixed mounted caliper. The caliper does not have to slide to compensate for pad wear like single piston calipers do. This means our caliper can be mounted solid to the axle which gives even better braking force. The other benefit from being solid mounted is the caliper can be mounted close to the trailer chassis without fear of it hitting when the pad wears. Also the caliper can be hard piped.

- The calipers can used on the left or right hand side of the trailer. (They are not handed)

- They are anodized which is a hard wearing coating that looks great as well

- They will fit inside a 13" wheel. (depending on type)

Here is a list of wheel patterns we stock:

Falcon 5 stud (4.5" or 114.3mm)

Commodore 5 stud (120mm)

Holden HQ 5stud (4.75" or 120.65mm)

We can also supply custom wheel patterns to suit whatever wheels you have as long as the Pcd is no larger than 120.65mm or smaller than 100mm.

Not sure what your PCD is? Check out our PCD Guide

  • Shipping Weight: 25kgs